About ICWorks

ICWorks is a decentralized job marketplace for the Web 3.0 era, where users can gain identity and trust through their "contribution".

We believe that the "company vs employee" model is already outdated.

For this reason, we refer to those who commission work as "pioneers" and those who accept work as "contributors".

We also define WEB 3.0 jobs for blockchain engineers, NFT artists, crypto writers, crypto traders, moderators, etc.

ICWorks connects pioneers with contributors around the world.


Key features of ICWorks

Decentralized ID

You can create an ID with Internet Identity or Wallet. No driver's license, passport, or email address is required.

NFT Profile Picture

You can set up your favorite NFTs in pfp and be active right away. No need to search, upload or edit images.

Token Payment

You can receive your rewards in fungible tokens ($ICP and others) or non-fundable tokens (NFT). No bank account transactions are required.

Privacy Protected Data

All data is stored on a canister (blockchain). Messages cannot be peeked at by the administrator.

Why ICWorks?


Reasons for Contributors

Web 3 streamlined Sign-On

Proof Of Human / Human verification is completed by WEB 3 technology without providing personal information such as a driver's license or passport to the operating entity for identity authentication.

NFT as a profile & proof of skills

In addition to NFTs for profile pictures, NFTs can be stored and presented as proof of skills and past work performance.

Get paid by crypto / nft

Contributors can receive rewards smoothly by fungible token (crypto) / non-fungible token (nft) using the wallet you connect to when logging in. Even tokens that are not listed can be welcomed and sent with stress-free connectivity.

On-demand web 3 gig opportunities

The aggregation of work opportunities on WEB3 allows users to access new opportunities in a one-stop place. In addition, they can participate in the community through their work with organizations and projects that they find attractive.


Reasons for Pioneers

One-stop solution for future dev

For organizations, the platform provides a one-stop for accessing the talent they need and completing the process of recruiting and completing jobs.

Find ID & Skill proofed talent

Since the IDs of personnel and certification of skills are done through the wallet, the time and effort required to find talent is greatly reduced.

Expand community & contributors

In addition to recruiting for jobs, you can increase exposure to WEB3 personnel for marketing purposes, such as expanding your community.

Pay by crypto / nft (Small fractions * Large volume)

We support payments in cryptos and nfts. Publicly known currencies such as $ICP and own non-listed tokens are acceptable. It can also be used when many talents are needed for small transactions.

Problem and Challenge

Several improvements can be made to the existing platform.

Macro / Fundamentals

It has been common for people to belong to a corporate organization and receive remuneration for their work.

However, the nature of work in society is transitioning with changes in technology, times, and circumstances.

Platforms were created that allowed people to find freelance/gig work, creating new ways to work and new opportunities.


A fee is charged for each job transaction on the platform. The higher the value of the job, the higher the fee collected.

Achievements & Profiles

Your work achievements, reviews, and proof of skills will only be made public on the platform. They will not be shared on other platforms or outside the site.

Job posts

Job posts are published only within that platform. Therefore, the post will only reach active users of that platform.


ICWorks will network organizations that recruit web3 work and contributors who perform work through the blockchain as a marketplace for work.

Be a contributor, not a worker:

In the past, the way of working in the Web2 era was generally structured as a company and its workers. From now on, we will be free from the simple relationship between the initiator and the contributor, as the receiver and the receiver of orders.

Be part of various organizations as a contributor:

The relationship changes from a temporary relationship in which one only delivers work and receives compensation to one in which one's contribution is entitled to a share of ownership as a community member.

Ability to work with different aspects of the individual:

You do not have to be tied to one personality to limit your opportunities to demonstrate your abilities. You can flexibly change the personalities in your community according to what you are good at, what your skills are, and what you like to do.

Opportunities across borders, hierarchies, and currencies:

Access to job opportunities beyond existing economic and geographic limitations through a decentralized platform.

Permissionless system:

A permissionless system and procedures will be implemented for registration, applying for and participating in jobs and communities, and certifying skills. In the future, completion of work and payment of rewards will also be connected.

An autonomous system:

The form of work and how the platform operates will change with time and time. However, we will continue to evolve through autonomous governance.


Sales Information

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Read the Whitepaper

ICWorks is a decentralized marketplace for the Web3 era, where users can gain identity and trust through their "work". Read our whitepaper for more details.

App Screen

ICWorks Mobile App

We are also developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android to improve usability. You can use ICWorks more easily anytime, anywhere. Coming Soon.


Job market place for web3

  • For Contributors
    • Web 3 streamlined Sign-On
    • NFT as a profile & proof of skills
    • Get paid by crypto / nft
    • On-demand web 3 gig opportunities
  • For Pioneers
    • One-stop solution for future dev
    • Find ID & Skill proofed talent
    • Expand community & contributors
    • Pay by crypto / nft (Small fractions * Large volume)
The roadmap to success


Q1 2022 Concept Development
  • Technology research
  • Market research
  • Product design
  • NFT design
  • Roadmap creation
Q2 2022 Beta Dapp Release & NFT Presale
  • Beta dapp release
  • NFT presale
  • Roadmap publication
  • Whitepaper publication
  • Public relations on SNS / DeSo
Q3 2022 Official Dapp Release & NFT Public Sale
  • Official dapp release
  • NFT public sale
  • Collect feedback from users
  • Aggressive user acquisition
  • Partnerships with other projects
Q4 2022 Feature Improvement & Multi-chain Support
  • ICWorks mobile dapp release
  • Bug fixes and feature implementation
  • Market and product research for multi-chain support
Q1 2023 ICWorks DAO Design
  • Additional team members
  • DAO technology research
  • Tokenomics research
  • And much more to do ...
Q2-Q4 2023 TBA

Stay tuned for more information.

Core Members

Co-Founder & Developer


Co-Founder & Developer

Sloth is the co-founder of ICWorks, lives on Internet Computer and is the moderator of 5 IC projects. (Dmail, CCC, MemeCake, MODCLUB, ICSnakes)

He has a lot of experience in system development, including development of Japanese boarding system projects such as ANA and Peach.

He graduated from the intermediate track at Motoko Bootcamp. (diploma: https://pgsou-iyaaa-aaaal-aaifq-cai.raw.ic0.app/?tokenid=34)

Co-Founder & Marketer


Co-Founder & Marketer

Taka is the co-founder of ICWorks, a company creating a new way of work. ICWorks is a marketplace that connects organizations directly to top talents and that helps people to onboard the web3 working environment.

Prior to founding ICWorks, Taka started a career in the banking industry & engaged in the fintech industry.


What is ICWorks?

ICWorks is the Contribute Marketplace. ICWorks connects pioneers with contributors around the world.

We plan to release a beta version of ICWorks dapp in Q2. The official release is scheduled for Q3. Please see the roadmap at the top for more details.

Since WEB 3 is a completely new area, the human resources platform is not yet in place. Currently, we are looking for people through SNS such as Twitter and Discord, and referrals. This is a big problem for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and for contributors who want to make money using the knowledge and skills of WEB 3. We provide a solution to this problem.

First of all, ICWorks specializes in the WEB 3 category. For example, in the case of programming languages, Solidity, Clarity, Motoko, Rust, and blockchain libraries in other WEB 2 languages. For others, translating Dapps, interpreting the Twitter space, moderators, ambassadors, marketers, economists, etc. Second, ICWorks is decentralized, so data such as profiles and messages are kept confidential and privacy is protected. Third, ICWorks supports tokens for rewards, so you can pay and receive rewards in fungible tokens such as $ICP, or any NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Yes, it's free for a while. It will be free at least until its official release. After that, we will announce how we will do it, as we need to cover gas costs, such as canister cycles to communicate and hold data.

Do you plan to launch ICWorks NFT?

Sure! We will design in Q1 and pre-sell in Q2. We will create NFTs that combines both artistic design and great utility. Stay tuned for more information.

Pre-sale in Q2 Main sale in Q3. We plan to launch in phases, not selling all NFTs in one sale.

See the "ICWorks NFT" section at the top.

Do you plan to issue ICWorks Token?

Yes. We plan to issue a governance token for ICWorks DAO, which will be developed in the future. More details will be announced.